Four Load Classes, Guaranteed Fit, Fully Interchangeable

More than 400 SuperSprings® are available in four color-coded load classifications. Uniform lengths and diameters provide full interchangeability between load ratings. Spring diameters are guaranteed to fit in the hole and over the rod diameters listed in the dimensional data. Lengths, diameters, rates, and colors are in accordance with ISO 10243.

Engineered for High Performance and Long Service Life

Each SuperSpring® has the optimum design, pitch, and metallurgical content for efficient performance. Rectangular wire springs are made from a trapezoidal cross section wire, which changes to a "D" cross section during coiling. This shape results in a lower maximum stress level, substantially contributing to longer spring life. Danly® applies several advanced manufacturing processes to enhance the life of SuperSprings®. These include precision heat treating, shot peening to reduce mechanical stresses, and presetting by compressing to solid for increased set resistance and greatest resistance to fatigue.

Dependable Performance Is Quality-Assured

SuperSprings® are manufactured exclusively from vacuum degassed, valve spring quality alloy steel. State-of-the-art equipment, including CNC coiling and grinding, is employed to achieve consistent dimensional accuracy within narrowest tolerances. Each production run is thoroughly inspected and documented to maintain strict quality. The result is a die spring of unsurpassed quality which many of the world's most demanding users specify for long, dependable performance.

The SuperSprings® Story

We take die springs very seriously. That's why we recently built the most sophisticated die spring manufacturing plant in the world. You won't find a better die spring at any price.

Not all die springs are the same. Compare SuperSpring® to the competition. You'll find:

  • Longer Life
    • Less downtime means greater productivity.
  • Conistent Dimensional Accuracy
    • Tighter tolerances on free lengths and perpendicularity.
    • Because our die springs are more dimensionally accurate, our spring rates are more accurate.
  • Better Value
    • With SuperSprings®, you'll buy fewer die springs and lower your operating costs.
  • Applications Expertise
    • We offer applications expertise, both technical support from our lab and sales support in the field.
We are the die spring experts in our industry. Try our SuperSpring®, and you'll see the difference for yourself!

For more information and specifications on SuperSprings®, view the catalog .

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