DESIGN2-TITE® Nitrogen Gas Springs

We are proud to offer our new and expanded line of nitrogen gas springs. Now the manufacturer of the world's finest die spring, SuperSpring®, can supply you with the world's finest nitrogen gas spring, DESIGN2-TITE®. Like SuperSpring®, DESIGN2-TITE® is completely engineered by us.

We gave our engineers the following mission:
  1. Simplify the design to improve performance and ease repair.
  2. Design a more solid construction to extend life and increase safety.
  3. Research and incorporate only the finest materials to offer the highest quality product on the market.

We believe a better design produces a better product, and we are confident we have met our design goals.

Try DESIGN2-TITE® and experience for yourself the benefits of this superior line of nitrogen products.

They truly are ... Better by Design.
DANLY Now Offers Five Distinct Lines of Nitrogen Gas Springs
Our Gas Springs Now Come Assembled with SinterLube® Top Caps!

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Now Danly brings its revolutionary SinterLube® technology to its complete line of nitrogen gas springs. Introducing the SinterLube® Top Cap, exclusively from Danly, and with it, the world's only self-lubricating gas spring! This latest innovation to gas spring technology combines the strength of steel with the power of SinterLube® to deliver more guide and better lubrication than any gas spring on the market today.

SinterLube® is a proprietary alloy material having good sliding lubricity and hardness which we have successfully used for years in the manufacture of guide bushings. We have now adapted this same technology to manufacture a new line of top caps for our full line of nitrogen gas springs. Here are the benefits:

  1. Steel is a better material choice for top caps than bronze: steel is stronger, mates more easily with the steel body of the cylinder and is not prone to deforming during assembly or disassembly.
  2. SinterLube® is truly self-lubricating. After an initial application of lubricant which is done during assembly, the SinterLube® Top Cap requires no additional lubrication during production and, provided the lubricant is not removed with solvent, no additional lubrication will be required for the life of the gas spring. This is a first for our industry and makes our gas springs unique.
  3. Since SinterLube is self-lubricating, we've removed the oil groove from the prior design (see A above) providing up to 25% more guide and reducing the risk of gas pressure loss due to lateral forces during the operation of the die. Our new SinterLube® Top Caps offer more guide than any of the competition we've tested.
  4. There is virtually no wear of the SinterLube® material, even in the toughest of applications, so the close tolerance geometry between our new SinterLube® Top Caps and the piston of the cylinder will be maintained even after millions of strokes. These benefits add up to less maintenance and a more reliable gas spring.
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